The persistent library

The third revolution of the library, most importantly, more size, the more scope and is assuming that most changes in most areas, including in the building, which is matched in the worst economic crisis in recent years. A crisis that will affect, secure the necessary impact that this revolution should be in libraries and their buildings. And the transformation of analogue to digital in the book, and the gradual disappearance of physical books in the everyday landscape of our libraries, is a way forward inexorably and without tiring. It is a route to survival library; do not you come back weaker.

The economic crisis we are experiencing is affecting the entire world, all the structures of our society. It is a systemic crisis, and this earthquake will be safe, a new way of understanding our reality in the West. We are experiencing heavy cuts in areas such as education and health, sectors that are the foundation of any democratic society. Culture is that it does save. Sure that the culture will be the next social and democratic basis that will be affected by the crisis, and with it the library. Lack of money can stop the path to the library of the twenty-first century, which happens way clear for the mass digitization and the renovation of the buildings. In doing so, you can suffer a sharp slowdown in libraries in their development, and last, society and the general public. The cuts in education and health are serious and suffer; the cuts will be also in culture, and also have long-term consequences. The libraries will lose international competitiveness, and its positioning will go down.

We must be persistent and consistent. The third revolution can not be stopped; to do it, we should encourage it and lead it. Surely we can not move forward as we would have liked, but must adapt to the new reality that has already been installed between us and you will stay for many years, we must be realistic. Maybe we should work as screws, slowly, without haste, at a speed with which we are comfortable. But we must not stop. And I know that we will not stop.

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