The Library without books (3): the library as a concept


Too many changes. Too many questions... and turbulent weather and accelerated radical, library (and librarians) are included. And time, too, few answers. It is time, exciting design a future that is already present in many cases. Think, think about how it will advance our profession. What if I have clear is that we are moving towards a future where books on paper will disappear from our buildings, no longer have the role they have now, and this mean that we should redefine the spaces that we occupy.This is the main thesis, which more or less success, I am trying to defend the series of articles on the library without books. And this redefinition of our entire professional world, and you have to do necessarily mean that we have to explain again... yes, yes, always the same music. What happens then is that even the speech we will not spoken until now. The changes are so large and s'esdevindran such magnitude that much problablement we start from scratch.

We must build a new discourse on the profession and its spaces, such as physical, especially conceptual. And perhaps we are moving toward a library concept understood as a space of reason, mental representation that has its "physical" in the form of bits, and that "dwells" on the network. And this mental structure, as such, can not occupy any building. And perhaps the future buildings will need to understand them as a place for socialization and educational;areas of training and acquisition of these new structures library and documentaries, and where to put them within reach of the public. New buildings where the center is the citizen, user, and where its primary purpose the transmission of This social concept. A user, however, completely autonomous informativament talking and not require or use the library in the way it does today.

The problems, however, be raised in understanding and understand what users want from us, and how to define and convey this concepts.

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