The Library without books (1)

I am convinced that the future of library buildings will be a future without books, which will be located and secreted large centralized repository such as the GEPA (1 and 2 items on the blog) that is driving the CBUC.

Arise for a not too distant future a range of different challenges: in terms of architecture and architects will have to rethink a typology of buildings with a clear, well defined purposes, and that served as guides for construction.How to design, for example, a reading room where precisely no longer find books? What will it give them? We are committed to a massive redefinition of our buildings, no doubt. On the other hand, librarians also presented to us years of change, which we will modify our physical work environment, an environment that often served us and serves as an indispensable to our daily work, and that makes us guide. That is, we knew and we know what our work environment, how to use it and that gives us security and stability.

But all this will change, no doubt ... Architects and librarians we face (and we must face together, hand in hand) to a management vacuum. A physical and conceptual gap that will need an answer: the librarians, rethinking and conceptualizing that should be done in the libraries of the future and how we will, and architects by providing real solutions to those concepts. We must implement a process of furthersocial engineering (digital).

Start a series of articles that will reflect out loud about the library without books, as I think it will. It is, without doubt, our future, our survival. Of course, as with any foresight, I equivocate and make mistakes. Takers. But the debate and conversation, idea generation, perhaps we will, among all together, an idea as close as possible.

And how do you think will be the library without books? Feel like talking? Leave your comments on the items that'll be writing, or if you're game, send me email your vision. "We designed the library without books?


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  1. Well, that was a really worthwhile couple of mins I spent looking through your blog, warm regards.